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Visionary Souls with Sydney Campos

Sep 29, 2020

Amoraea is Founder of the Phoenix Code Initiations, Retreats & Workshops and founder of the Eternal Flame Sanctuary & Retreat Center in Kaua’i. Amoraea’s passion for awakening our ‘Divine Human’ potential has led to a treasury of embodied teachings and events ministering the evolution of the species.

Sep 15, 2020

Amy Pamensky is a speaker, mindset coach, and facilitator. After getting married at Age 25, struggling with depression, and feeling lost in her career, Amy took a deep dive into spirituality and self discovery.

Through this journey, she radically transformed all areas of her life, and since then has supported hundreds...

Sep 2, 2020

Leanne Marrama is a full-time professional psychic. She teaches classes, presents at festivals around the country, and hosts weekly séances in Salem. Among her many media appearances, she has been featured on TLC's What Not to Wear, Ghost Chronicles, and Beyond Belief with George Noory.

Sandra Mariah Wright owns an...