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Visionary Souls with Sydney Campos

Mar 17, 2023

Lori Reising is a sought after Conscious Thought Leader with a flare for delivering evolutionary truths with humor, vulnerability and deep passion.  She has been in therapeutic practice since 2001, offering support and guidance in cellular trauma transformation and embodied ascension through her soul-hitting podcast The Raw and Wild Hearts, digital courses and downloads, all-inclusive spiritual retreats, new and full moon gatherings, energy and shadow work, psychic readings, membership mentoring and destroying this programmed culture of fear. As an Intuitive Channel of lifetimes, a Trauma-Informed Healing Artist, an eternal inquisitor of Astrology who has studied under John Barnes among many others, she supports humans into their inherent truth to magnetize the lives they came here to thrive from. You can find her under the magic of the sun and moon, living in and with nature, stoking your passion over the airwaves and learning from her special needs animal sidekick every single day.

In this episode of Visionary Souls, we explored...

  • Diving into what is truly possible beyond what we are conditioned to believe
  • Do we really heal the Earth or is the Earth healing us?
  • How the nervous system is the key that unlocks so much - healing it it is the ultimate gate away to embodied ascension
  • How Lori came into understanding her divinity
  • Let’s get honest with ourselves about what we are giving energy to and how we are structuring our belief systems
  • How telegenesis is the ability to transmit light and new ideologies and consciousness through the screen
  • The expansion of AI in mass consciousness is helping us shift deeply rooted programming around what’s possible and how we can create more efficiently in our physical reality
  • How Lori describes her journey with pelvic flooring healing and why this modality is so profound

And SOUL much more...come play!

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