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Visionary Souls with Sydney Campos

May 22, 2023

Daphne Krantz is a licensed clinical mental health counselor and certified epigenetic coach based in Asheville, NC. She specializes in working with queer and gender diverse clients on repatterning physical, mental, and sexual health through an animist and ancestral lens. In her coaching, she combines psychotherapeutic modalities with an epigenetic functional wellness approach that takes advantage of cutting edge genetic testing to help clients optimally care for their unique bodies. Ultimately, she loves applying her curiosity to help others thrive and become more of their true selves.

In this episode of Visionary Souls, we explored...

  • Daphne shares when the moment of expression of her embodiment started
  • How we all carry different stories and unique different expressions
  • How Daphne found out that she had trans-cestors
  • We are transitioning from a dense experience into remembering high frequency states of heart coherence and resonance
  • What we are all looking for is the inner temple
  • How we create the deepest change
  • What if all of the crises we face on this planet are just a projection of our own experience
  • The importance of releasing shame

And SOUL much more...come play!

Listen to our last visionary souls episode before Daphne’s transition

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