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Visionary Souls with Sydney Campos

Jun 6, 2023

Dr. Evan Johnson is a flow science & peak performance coach, 3x published author, TEDx speaker, and transformation-focused, new paradigm leader.

The 2-sport NCAA college athlete, creative activist, and purpose-driven human is passionate about his work helping individuals become the medicine, unlock their true potential, and perform as the best version of themselves. He has spoken on the same stages as Deepak Chopra, TEDx, & some of the world's biggest artists & musicians. Dr. Evan's work is here to accelerate new paradigms of living, and new systems of thinking, feeling, and being to the world with intimate & expansive radical experiences, workshops, festivals, and much more. In his coaching practice, Dr. Evan supports people on the edge, in all aspects. Through the greatest of times, the highest successes, and the darkest of moments, his practices & teachings are meant to ignite, awaken, and empower the greatness inside of all of us. Through grounded practices of science & ancient culture, Dr. Evan brings a new method to modern-day society & what it means to live in a peak state. 

Evan's passions include spending time in nature, acro yoga, training capoeira & exploring travel. You can find Evan dancing, drinking some superfood cacao, and embarking on his next adventure. Today, Dr. Evan is focused on the edges of science, the human genome, and longevity.

In this episode of Visionary Souls, we explored...

  • How movement has always been the greatest medicine
  • How the body is an instrument of consciousness
  • How he learned the principles of life and what really makes the body work
  • The lessons Dr Evan learned when he decided to take that leap of faith and evolve
  • All he had to do was connect to his why and if his why is big enough his resourcefulness can make him unstoppable
  • When someone’s why is powerful enough, there’s a way to make anything work
  • The concept of Transient Hypofrontality
  • The challenges Dr Evan is experiencing in his path now and how he’s moving thru it

And SOUL much more...come play!


**All the Ways To Play**


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