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Visionary Souls with Sydney Campos

Feb 12, 2019

What a magical life this adventure is unfolding long as you stay open, present and CLEAR On what you truly intend to receive. This is the much of our lives is running on our unconscious beliefs, in fact 95% of life is determined by this seemingly asleep part of your brain that’s entirely programmed by beliefs and ways of beings that were likely set into motion between ages 0-7 when you’re in a hypnotic trance absorbing meaning from your parents’ behaviors even if what they do has nothing to do with you. Its all part of the game we choose to play in mastering our soul lessons. And what a relief to KNOW you have the power, in fact you have everything you need right now, to take your power BACK – to create precisely the life you desire living, the experiences you crave having, the abundance you dream of receiving and the JOY you know is possible for you to share and celebrate. Even if you think you’re clear on your intentions and what you want to call in – if you have unconscious programs such as “I don’t deserve it” or “It can’t be easy” – some of the more popular ones we tend to have operating beneath the surface – you can say all the affirmations you want and you’ll still never feel fully satisfied in what you receive or manifest because a part of you is committed to validating this unconscious story.. Your mind simply wants to collect evidence to support these stories that have been the bedrock of your survival since day one. IN fact it might feel that your life depends on it – the upholding of these stories, of your might die if you let it go. Into the unknown feels like death surely – even if its ego death which the mind doesn’t differentiate from physical death. And yet your soul knows why you’re really here, and knows the truth, and knows its time to live purely guided by your heart and your divinely inspired intuition. That fundamentally knows the truth of this incredible game you’ve come to play..for which you’ve designed all the rules: You are here to feel good. You are here to experience and enjoy deeply fulfilling nourishing relationships. You are here to contribute your soul gifts. You are here to create and receive whatever you desire most, easily. You are designed to THRIVE in optimal health and well being. You are here to PLAY. It can be that simple.